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Aldabra's Tropicbirds Science Expedition

A project by: Annette Fayet


WE RAISED £6,397

from 87 donors

This project received funds on Fri 17 Nov 2017
2 years ago

Over £4000 PLEDGED!

Dear Supporters

Thank you to all of you who have supported the project thus far. The project is now 69% funded with only ~£1800 remaining to be pledged - a fantastic progress! There is one week left to raise this amount, with the crowdfunding ending next Friday evening (17th November, midnight UK time).To raise these funds I need to reach new people, and also remind those who wanted to donate but thought they'd do it later that there isn't that much time left! I would like to ask again for your help with this. One simple but effective way you could help would be to all email 1 or 2 people you know and let them know about the project. If you're short on time, just copy the template paragraph below (also available in French below for those of you who mostly know French speakers). Thank you very much for your help and your continued support!All the best, AnnetteTemplate paragraph: I've recently supported a project by a junior researcher for vital seabird research in the Indian Ocean. The science expedition to the remote Aldabra Atoll, the last pristine island in the region, would aim to investigate declines in seabird species on the island, with the hope to prevent seabird numbers from plummeting further. The project has already raised 70% of its target but time is counted, and there are only a few more days left to raise the remaining funds. If you would be willing to consider supporting this project too, it would make a real difference. You can learn more about the project and donate by following the link below. You can also help by sharing this project around you! https://queens.hubbub.net/p/aldabra-tropicbirds/

Template paragraph in French:

J'ai récemment soutenu un projet par une jeune chercheuse pour étudier les oiseaux marins dans l’Océan Indien. L’expédition scientifique aurait pour but d’étudier le déclin des oiseaux marins sur l’île d'Aldabra, une des dernières îles dont la biodiversité est encore relativement préservée dans cette région, dans l'espoir d’empêcher les populations d'oiseaux marins de diminuer encore plus. Le projet a déjà atteint 70% de sa cible, mais le temps est compt é et il ne reste plus que quelques jours pour lever les fonds restants. Si tu/vous voudriez bien considérer aider ce projet aussi, cela ferait vraiment une différence. Tu peux /vous pouvez en apprendre plus sur le projet et faire un don en suivant le lien ci-dessous. Il est aussi possible d'aider le projet en partageant ce lien autour de toi/vous. https://queens.hubbub.net/p/aldabra-tropicbirds/

2 years ago

Minimum target reached!

Dear Supporters, Thank you all for your kind donation(s) to this project. Thanks to you, in less than a week, the project has raised enough money to reach the minimum target. This means the project will go ahead! I'm very excited, and very grateful to you all. I will now book my flights and order the GPS loggers required to conduct a basic tracking study of the tropicbirds' foraging movements, which is what I can achieve with the funds currently available. However we are only half-way there, and there are still £3,000 to raise to reach my target. These extra £3,000 will allow me to combine the GPS loggers with miniature immersion loggers and nest-based cameras, in order to gain a more in-depth insight into the feeding ecology of the species, and hopefully to identify why their numbers are plummeting.

Please share the project Around You!

You have already helped enormously by donating to this project. You can now make your donation go further and help the project reach its target by spreading the word. I would be most grateful if you could share this page on social media on in any other way, especially if you know people who would be susceptible to support the project, or who could share it themselves (e.g. if you have a friend with many twitter followers, please ask them to retweet it!). NB: You can check how many clicks and donations you have generated by checking the "Supporters" page (as long as you use the link shown above).Thank you very much again for your support!