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Aldabra Clean Up Project

A project by: Aldabra Clean Up Project Team


WE RAISED £73,285

from 105 donors

This project received funds on Thu 30 Aug 2018

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Un projet formidable qui sera relayé je l'espère par un maximum de personnes partout dans le monde

Congratulations on your efforts to put right the selfish acts of others. I wish you all the best.

The contribution was collected from visitors at the Seychelles High Commission in London.

Go green!

Keep it up!

Good luck guys and I'd like to see a link to the UK led plastic reprocessing projects

Good luck with raising the required total.

Rebecca, we are friends of Nicolas and Patsy. Good luck with the project.

Can’t wait to see those beaches looking like they should again!

Good luck to the team for this amazing and inspiring project! The wildlife on Aldabra will love you back for it!